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About BMTTI Library


Library is called the store house of knowledge. The use of Library resources is vital for pursuing study and research.  BMTTI library is an integral part of this institution. It has comprehensive collection to meet the needs of its users. The library is reach with different types of books and journals. The library started functioning in 2001. 


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Brief Information:


: There are 16,169 collections in BMTTI library including   verities categories of books and journals.


Major Categories of Collections :Languages, Science, Arts, Religion, Philosophy, Islamic Law, Akaid, Islamic Studies, Tafsir, Hadith,  Lexicon , Journal etc.
Nature of Book Arrangements

: According to Dewey Decimal Classification Numbers.


Library  Users

:  The faculties of BMTTI, Trainees & staff of BMTTI.


Library Hours

: Sunday – Thursday : 9.00 am to 4.00 pm

During Training : 9.00 am to 7.00 pm

Services Offered:


  • Reading room facilities
  • Book borrowing   facilities
  • Internet facilities
  • Reference services
  • News paper facilities


Librarian cum Documentation Officer

Mobile: 01715882512