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BMTTI at a glance

Name of the Institute     : Bangladesh Madrasha Teachers' Training Institute(BMTTI)
Location : Board Bazar, Gazipur (Opposite to Open University
Establish on : 28 December 1995
Area of Land :  2.86 Acores
Number of Faculties :  21(Male :18 & Female: 3)
Number of Officers : 03
Supporting  staff : 16
Date of Foundation Stone : 28 December, 1995
Total Number of Posts : 44
Clients :

Principal, Super, Head of the Ibtedayee,

Assistant Professor/Lecturer and 

 Assistant Teachers of Alia Madrasah

Head Teacher/Principal of Secondary School & College

Allocation of Expenditure : Mainly  yearly Revenue Budget
Administrative Body : Principal, Vice Principal & Assistant Director
Phone :



Vice Principal: +880-02-9291689(Office)       


Assistant Dirctor:+880-02-9292983(Office)

                         0171 3700989(Mobile)

Supporting Policy  Making Body    : Board of Governors (BoG),  Consisting of 13 members . Headed by the  Education Secretary, MoE
Commencement Date of Training During Project : 11 November 1999
Date of inclusion in Revenue Budget : 22 December 2005
Number of Hostels :  Male-01 ,  Female 01 = 02
website :  www.bmtti.gov.bd
email : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Post Code : 1704
Total Number of Posts : 44
Number of Buildings :  4 buildings
Number of Mosque : 01
Total number of Conference Room : 03
Language Lab. : 01
Computer Lab. : 01
Science Lab. : 01
Total Floor Space in Administrative cum academic building : 3,306.94 square meter  (Excluding TQI building)
Total Floor Space in Hostels : 3,314.71 square meter
Total Floor Space in TQI building :  1500 square meter (approx.)

Aim and Objectives
  • To make Madrasha Education modern and fit for present era keeping pace with the demand of social mutability of the present.
  • To create institutional facilities for providing the Madrasha teachers with quality training.
  • Making arrangements of training before joining and at the time of in service
  • To assist the Madrasha teachers for enhancement of their skills and quality teaching through training.
  • To reduce the discrimination between the current general education and Madrasha education through training.
Major  Training Courses
  • Bachelor of Madrasah  Education (BMEd.) Course under the National University (Equivalent to BEd. Course)
  • Subject-based training courses for the Dakhil (secondary) level Madrasa teachers. on Communicative Arabic language, Communicative English language, Mathematics, Al-Quran, Islamic History & culture, Science 
  • Subject-based training courses for the senior (Alim/Fadil/Kamil i .e. equiv. to HSC/Bachelor/ Masters) Madrasa teachers. Communicative Arabic language course Biology 
  • Education Administration and management courses for the principals of senior (Alim, Fazil and Kamil)  Madrasas
  • Education Administration and management courses for the superintendents of Dakhil (Secondary) Madrasas
  • Education Administration and management courses for the Heads of Ibtedayee (primary) Madrashas.
  • Secondary Teaching Certificate (STC) Course for the assistant teachers of Secondary School, & Madraah under the TQI-2 Project of Ministry of Education, Bangladesh
  • Professional Leadership Development Course for Secondary & Higher Secondary Head of the Institutions (School, College & Madrasah) under TQI-2 Project of Ministry of Education, Bangladesh

Our Future Plan (short Term): 

  1. To open Master of Madrasah Education (MMEd.) course (equiv. to   M.Ed course).
  2. To prepare competency based curriculum and instructional materials for the training of the Madrasha teachers.
  3. To train a group of trainers for training the Madrasha teachers in teaching communicative languages (Arabic, English).
  4. To set up one more modern language laboratory to help teaching modern Arabic and English.
  5. To initiate job oriented communicative Arabic & English course for non-academic language learners with a view to increase foreign remittance by developing   language skills of the foreign job seekers/ workers.
  6. To train up a group of trainers in the field of ICT to promote the teaching of ICT in the Madrashas.
  7. To shape the institution as an exclusive venue for National and International workshop/Seminar/ Symposium/ Conference  providing latest technology and all others facilities
  8. To establish a Laboratory Madrasa  for trainees
  9. To increase the accommodation capacity for the trainees
  10. To make the institution as a center of excellence for Madrasa Education.