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“শিক্ষা নিয়ে গড়ব দেশ, শেখ হাসিনার বাংলাদেশ”

Mission & Vision




Bangladesh Madrash Teachers’ Training Institute (BMTTI) is the only public institute in the country established in 2000. Nationally this institute provides quality human resources offering different types of in-service and pre-service training for Madrasah and Secondary School and College Teachers.


Our Slogan

Quality Teacher

Quality Education



To create skilled and value-based human resources providing quality teacher training for the nation and the world community.


Our 5 Core Values

  • Imparting  Knowledge
  • Enhancing   Skills and Striving for  Excellence
  • Promoting   Physical, Mental and Spiritual Growth
  • Serving  the Community and Humanity
  • Working as Change Agent in Education Paradigm